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Do you know why the new 24-hour Ultrafacial is so exceptional?

Contains an intelligent delivery vehicle that supports better penetration of active ingredients deeper into the epidermis. It enhances the skin’s own ceramide synthesis through phytosphingosine while simultaneously restoring the barrier lipid film by supplying ceramide. From my posts, you know that the skin serves as an effective barrier against the penetration of harmful substances from

7 July 2023

Why did I use ceramides in my latest cream?

Skin as a natural barrier is a genius, and its natural protection against harmful elements inspired the creation of a new cream for the natural protection of your skin. Why did I use ceramides in my latest cream? 🌹Ceramides are lipid compounds naturally present in the skin. They play a crucial role in maintaining the

29 May 2023

Welcome everyone, and for those that don’t know me…

It is almost 17 000 of us, given my introversion it is relatively lot, nearly as much as many citizens can be in one district town. I am a dermatologist, my mother is a doctor (internist) and also a mother to a doctor, hopefully a surgeon in the future, which applies that we got medicine

6 April 2022

Men are from Mars, Women are from Venus

… the proof is that they even have different skin. Hormone called testosterone is making the main difference between female and male skin and it is also the cause why they have different features. That is why male skin is about 20 % thicker, oilier and also ages differently. It also contains more collagen and

31 March 2022

Few tips and tricks on health and beauty

“Beauty sleep” is a real thing. It is proven that whole organism and also our skin regenerates at night and damages caused by various outside or even inside influences are being fixed and repaired during bedtime. Lack of sleep can be also considered as shortening the time for mother nature to perform its magic. We

23 March 2022

We were born to move, inactivity does not do well for our organism

Seems like the best way to exercise is taking walks on broken topography. On the other hand, running too often may cause sagging known as “running face”. Soft exercising (defined as exercising in in the range between 40 to 60 percent of your maximum pulse frequency) is not only beneficial to keep mobility up, maintain

15 March 2022

Skin barrier

Why is it better to use derma cosmetic and why we, dermatologists, follow the rule “less is more”? Experienced dermatologists don’t use every new thing on the market and always stay consistent with the cosmetics they use and why? The reason behind it is they do know how easy it is to disturb the natural

8 March 2022

Skin barrier, step number 2

These days we are being overwhelmed by large quantity of cosmetical products with its purpose to rejuvenate our skin. They are working on outer layer of your body which is called skin barrier. Every skin has its own story. Our skin goes through various stages in different times of our lives depending on our age,

4 March 2022

How stress affects aging

If you are feeling stressed you automatically feel older. It is not just a feeling; chronical stress is causing accelerated aging. Scientific studies are working with telomers, covers at the ends of chromosomes. Anytime a cell divides, telomers inside the cells get bit shorter. When telomer is shortened too much, the cell cannot be divided

16 February 2022

Who should use our nourishing cream?

Nourishing and revitalizing cream was created for mature or even dry skin type. The cream is supposed to be applied to face, neck and chest. Dry skin needs special treatment when reaching certain age and that is why we created our nourishing cream. Works great on dry, mature skin showing signs of aging. This is

2 February 2022

We got only one skin

Besides always wanting our skin to be perfect it also has other very important functions and uses. The most important one is to protect us, our organism, from the possible outside damage, the physical or chemical ones, such as heat, cold, pressure, sunlight, humidity, drought or various chemicals from entering. Keeps the right temperature for

27 January 2022

Tips and tricks for dry skin during wintertime

Reduce time spent in bath or in shower. Stay there no longer than 10 minutes, ideally even less. Do not take hot showers, don’t use hot water on your face (hot water dissolves natural oily film on our skin and damages skin barrier). Use gentle soaps and syndets. Gently pad your skin to dry using

14 January 2022

What are creams for?

We cannot expect any cream or moisturizer to erase wrinkles, even in our wildest fantasies. First of all it is not possible due to the structure of our skin and depth of changes that were created in the process of aging (the resorption of bones, atrophy of in-depth sebaceous tissue, lower production of collagen and

10 January 2022

Useful advice on beauty and health

Regular exercise. Walk everywhere it is possible to walk by foot. Spend as much time in the woods as it is possible. It is ideal to practise fast walking up the hill. Do you sleep as much as you need to? On average it is ideal to sleep 8 hours, best to fall asleep before

5 January 2022