We got only one skin – Doktorka Sandra

We got only one skin

Besides always wanting our skin to be perfect it also has other very important functions and uses.

The most important one is to protect us, our organism, from the possible outside damage, the physical or chemical ones, such as heat, cold, pressure, sunlight, humidity, drought or various chemicals from entering. Keeps the right temperature for our body and also prevents from dehydrating.

Human skin is the biggest organ of our body. It is around 1,8 m2 and weights 4,3-5 kg.

Epidermis is covered by hydrolipidic film- water and lipid-based emulsion. This film maintaining the secretion of sweat and sebaceous glands helps to keep the skin moisturized and also created a protecting barrier against bacteria and mold.

Why am I writing so much about the functions of our skin? If the skin barrier is damaged, our skin loses the ability to protect, becomes oversensitive, inflammation and irritated spots are being created. I like to call this type or stage of skin the Tiktok skin. So many products, huge temptation to try everything, to change and to layer… Be careful, sometintimes less is more. We got only one skin and nothing and no one can change that. If you overuse the products, and overwhelm your skin your dermatologist will probably prescribe the null therapy for you, which is basically a cosmetical celibacy until your skin regenerates and goes back to normal. You can trust me on that it takes really long time to do that and also lot of patience. During this time period you will probably grow to hate your dermatologist and even secretly try on some miracle accelerator.

That is why we are always following the rule less is more and everything new needs to be applied in slow process, slowly increasing and never mixing new products together etc.

Simply said, we got only one skin and it is only ours ?