We were born to move, inactivity does not do well for our organism – Doktorka Sandra

We were born to move, inactivity does not do well for our organism

Seems like the best way to exercise is taking walks on broken topography.

On the other hand, running too often may cause sagging known as “running face”. Soft exercising (defined as exercising in in the range between 40 to 60 percent of your maximum pulse frequency) is not only beneficial to keep mobility up, maintain healthy weight, keep your heart and lungs on the right track but also has rejuvenating effects on your skin.

If you exercise for short period of time and you get sweaty, purpose of so called HIIT- high intensity interval training- performing short intervals of intensive exercise for example cycling, sprints, swimming, rope jumping followed with short pause for regeneration such as slow walking. The reason for this pause is to return the pulse frequency back to normal before you start to perform anaerobic activity.

By the combination of both methods, you will be harvesting the fruit of both activities.

It may come as surprise but exercising for short periods can be very effective, I tried it myself. If you can find few minutes and two barbells at home and perform activity daily you can achieve great results. Such as by squatting as you brush your teeth. There is no reason to feel desperate because you don’t spend hours in the gym, all you need to do is to bring consistent and regular exercise to your daily life. You can also try going to the grocery store by walk or meet for coffee with friend over a walk. It is also beneficial to do a little exercise every 50 minutes in work after no movement.