Men are from Mars, Women are from Venus – Doktorka Sandra

Men are from Mars, Women are from Venus

… the proof is that they even have different skin.

Hormone called testosterone is making the main difference between female and male skin and it is also the cause why they have different features. That is why male skin is about 20 % thicker, oilier and also ages differently. It also contains more collagen and elastin which makes it look firmer.

Collagen in male skin decreases constantly as the years go by contrary to female skin in which the collagen decreases mainly in mature age, mostly during menopause when it thins out.

Males also have more active ceruminous glands and many more pores than females. Male skin produces in average almost two times more oil than female skin does. It causes men to struggle with acne but the possibility of men having dry skin is significantly lower.

Male skin ages in later stages of life than female skin, but once it reaches its aging point it progresses faster and the sings of aging are more visible.

What tires the skin on male face is mostly shaving. Average man shaves his face around 13 000 to 15 000 times and that can be the cause of why their skin can be sometimes sensitive, irritated, can be struggling with inflammation and later on scurf can be created.

After everything said it is clear that male and female skin has to be treated differently and taken care of differently.

It is really important to use sharp and fine razors that tire the skin less.

The ones with wet blades can be used on sensitive skin (do not say this at home or they’ll take it and you will be left with none more as I did). Crucial step is to apply shaving cream before shaving. Shaving cream will provide easier sliding on the skin.

Important is to shave in the direction of hair growth, never the other way, against the way the hair grows.

Hydrating and also antiaging products for males should be of lightweight consistency. That is why we recommend the combination of Hydrating cream with urea and Acidic toner for males by Doctor Sandra. Oily products are mostly not well tolerated by male skin.

We also recommend gentle exfoliation, abrasive peeling once a week.