Welcome everyone, and for those that don’t know me… – Doktorka Sandra

Welcome everyone, and for those that don’t know me…

It is almost 17 000 of us, given my introversion it is relatively lot, nearly as much as many citizens can be in one district town.

I am a dermatologist, my mother is a doctor (internist) and also a mother to a doctor, hopefully a surgeon in the future, which applies that we got medicine written in our genes.

My surname might sound familiar to you, my husband is well known moderator.

Our wedding (thankfully in mature age) was a big test for me due to my introvert ways. I have to take this worldly fame- worth as much as the lowly- field grass of his because I love him so much weather, I like it or not.

After graduating medicine, I desired to become a psychiatrist but I did not have the right connections and enough patronage and seemed like it was not enough that I graduated with red diploma. I was given a position at dermatological department, which was not really what I desired and dreamed of.

That is when I learned the true meaning of saying “If you can’t be with the one you love, then love the one you are with”. That is how I fell in love with dermatology. I spend two years at the biggest Vienna hospital AKH as a hosting scientist and after returning back home I passed dermatovenerology attestation.

I randomly picked new methods in esthetical dermatology and the usage of botulotoxin in dermatology as the theme for my PhD. dissertation work. At the time it was worlds newest sensation and it pulled me into the world of esthetical dermatology and also lead to me attending courses and trainings with my doctor colleagues. Esthetical dermatology was a pleasant turn in my professional career (as a girl I attended a Sports Gymnasium and at the time female beauty was as much important to me as the wildlife of penguins in Antarctica).

I consider myself really lucky because in the late nineties the number of various treatment techniques skyrocketed and also there was a huge rise in newly developed technologies and much more lead to many worldwide congresses, internships abroad and studying. We benefit from what was developed and applied to use in the nineties even today but in new, perfected and safeties versions. Lasers, Botox, implants of hyaluronic acid, radiofrequency, intensive pulse light are still being used in various versions to this day and what fulfilled my profession was the combination of theory and practical procedures, mostly cannula technique, face modulations without chirurgical intervention. There is lot more to say so part two is coming.