How stress affects aging – Doktorka Sandra

How stress affects aging

If you are feeling stressed you automatically feel older. It is not just a feeling; chronical stress is causing accelerated aging.

Scientific studies are working with telomers, covers at the ends of chromosomes. Anytime a cell divides, telomers inside the cells get bit shorter. When telomer is shortened too much, the cell cannot be divided anymore and it wanes. That is the main reason for aging and also the reason why humans can’t live forever.

Yet unfortunately studies don’t explain how stress affects and shortens the lifespan of cells creating immunity system. We are not familiar with the exact mechanisms that are connecting our mind and cells. As for this moment many studies are saying that stress hormones, such as cortisol, can be the cause for shortening telomers and its lifespan.

Good news is that what we do know about stress and aging can be used in our advantage and we have a better shot at longer and healthier life. It seems like people with positive attitude are handling stress in better ways. It also seems convenient to build social surroundings and contacts- family, friends, even supportive groups that make people feel safe and where they can share their problems, frequent walks, cycling or Pilates can help to block the effects of cortisol and prevent aging.

In the final run, everything that eliminates unnecessary stress and lowers the stress levels is beneficial for our future.

Some people need to stop multitasking and finally concentrate on present moment as even Eckard Tolle advises. Others need to try breathing exercises advised by Wim Hof or other relaxing techniques, some need to talk with psychologist to help them find new perspective on life.

Regardless the way we choose to fight stress, it is definitely worth it to help prevent civilizational diseases and premature aging.

The goal is to feel younger, healthier and stronger.