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Few tips and tricks on health and beauty

“Beauty sleep” is a real thing. It is proven that whole organism and also our skin regenerates at night and damages caused by various outside or even inside influences are being fixed and repaired during bedtime. Lack of sleep can be also considered as shortening the time for mother nature to perform its magic. We are robbing ourselves of really effective antiaging process (even thou I do not really like to use this term, but we will talk about that sometimes later).

Statistically speaking, more than one third of adults do not get enough of quality sleep at night and that leads to affecting our health in various ways. Those we identified are for example gaining unnecessary weight, weakening of our immunity system, lowering of psychological resistance, lowering of concentration levels, weakened memory, struggling with learning and also memory loss.

If it is possible try to get at between seven to eight hours of sleep each night. Try increasing the number of hours of deep quality sleep that has the tendency to decrease as the years go by. Listen to your gut feeling when finding the optimal and ideal time to wake up and go back to sleep. If you cannot figure it out on your own you can download app to help you with it, for example Oura ring.

The position you sleep in is also crucial for your skin. Sleeping on one side of your face for too long causes asymmetric wrinkles on your face. Sleeping on your belly is also bad for skin and does not compliment your face, it makes puffed face and undereye area even puffier. The best and cheapest way to prevent wrinkles is to sleep on your back and get yourself a smooth pillowcase.

Keep low temperature in your bedroom, clear out the air before going to sleep, keep the room dark and turn off all electrical devices (even your smartphone).

Healthy sleep is the base for your health. You can fix your sleep deprivation by routinely going to sleep and waking up at the exact same hours each day.

Good night. If you are reading these lines during the day- I wish you a good night the next.