What are creams for? – Doktorka Sandra

What are creams for?

We cannot expect any cream or moisturizer to erase wrinkles, even in our wildest fantasies.

First of all it is not possible due to the structure of our skin and depth of changes that were created in the process of aging (the resorption of bones, atrophy of in-depth sebaceous tissue, lower production of collagen and elastin, overall lowered the amount of glycosaminoglycans in intercellular mass etc.) Our skin is not a sponge, it is a barrier, trans epidermal and transdermal tunnel for substances that are targeting certain structures in depth of skin, our knowledge on the active ingredients and taking care of them is pretty low when it comes into the depth of our skin.

Why are we using moisturizers?

Active ingredients in cosmetics are mostly for prevention, they serve us to prevent something. Keeping and protecting skin barrier and its function, hydration, preventing damaging and drying out of skin can visibly delay creating the signs of aging ang premature aging of skin. We need to protect our skin from well-known accelerators of aging such as UV light or even smoking. If you take care of your skin in the right way you can achieve that aging, which is a natural process of human life, won’t be accelerated or even premature but on the other hand it will be significantly slower.

Everyone wants to be pretty and graceful when old, man or woman, because living up until getting old is a privilege, so it comes logical to be grateful for getting and growing old. By the way (time for a little joke) it is not so hard getting old in Slovakia because they tell to 50-year-olds “seniors” to be careful etc… When I read serious sociological studies, they described old age ad 80 years old. So now I am a little confused ?