NEW OIL-GEL-ELIXIR FAIRY With stem cells 150g

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Product can be used on daily basis. Contains bio-perfume and stem cells from alpine rose that regenerate and strengthens skin cells and improves protective barrier of skin. Hyaluronic acid and squalene hold in the moisture and keeps the skin healthy.

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First perfumed product created by Dr. Sandra. Product can be used on daily basis. Contains bio-perfume and stem cells from alpine rose that regenerate and strengthens skin cells and improves protective barrier of skin. Hyaluronic acid and squalene hold in the moisture and keeps the skin healthy.


First perfumed product created by Dr. Sandra.


Apply gently after taking shower or bathing by circular motions. Keep away from direct sunlight, radiant heat and temperature fluctuation.


PARAFFINUM LIQUIDUM Vaseline oil, a liquid paraffin, also called as mineral or paraffin oil is clear liquid and mixture of chained carbons. Paraffinic carbons of high purity without the addition of polycyclic aromatized carbons are being used in cosmetic and pharmaceutical procedures. Vaseline oil improves the lubricity of product. Makes applying the product easy and isn’t irritating. Has amazing oxidant stability, will never go bad, doesn’t turn yellow. Softens skin and is an emollient.    ASCORBYL PALMITATE It is more stable form of vitamin C, that’s being released in skin by the presence of vitamin E and is antioxidant. Strengthens the capillary walls, fights creating of wide veins, boosts skins immunity and creating elastin and collagen.     CAPRYLIC/CAPRIC TRIGLYCERIDE EMOLIENT Creates barrier on the top of skin which prevents losing skins moisture and due to that it reduces its dryness. Improves the spread ability of serum which makes applying easier and doesn’t leave oily finishing touch.     GLYCERIN Glycerin is hydrophile alcohol, that has tribasic alcohol (1,2,3-prophantriol) as base. Has three hydroxyl groups in its structure, thanks to them it can attach water pretty easily. Has moisturizing effects and improves solubility of many cosmetic substances and that helps with absorption into skin. Softens skin, moisturizes and in low concentration it helps to keeps skins hydration.     HIPEGEL OLEO HIPEgel Oleo is oily-gel emulgent based on natural esters of fatty acids with saccharoses and other nourishing components. HIPEgel Oleo consists of: Glycerin, Isopropyl Palmitate, Aqua, Sucrose Stearate, Sucrose Laurate. Lipocalins are new in cosmetics. They help with creating effective transparent lipogels with wide spectrum of cosmetical usage that when contacted with water can easily change to washable emulsion. They are standardly accepted for using in natural cosmetics.    SQUALANE Squalane is hydrogenic, that means that it is more oxygenic stable form of Squalane. Squalane is linear unsaturated hydrocarbons that create 12 to 20% of outer lipids in fat and less than 1% inner lipids in skin. Squalane is amazing light emollient. It has really soft liquid consistency so it is used as alternative for Vaseline mostly in cosmetic products for sensitive and dry skin.     AQUA Water is the main dissolvent of hydrophilic cosmetic components. Has amazing cleaning effects which are improved by alcohol and cleaning surfactants. Water is the carrier of active components in the cosmetic product. Considering that regular drinking water contains significant number of salts, mostly calcic and in ferric isn’t it’s use in cosmetic products suitable. Water used for production of cosmetic products is specially modified and sanitary safe. Water used it mostly distilled or purified by reverse osmosis.   TOCOPHERYL ACETATE- VITAMIN E Vitamin E, like vitamin A, is a lipophile vitamin that is soluble in fats, which improves the absorption into the skin better opposite to vitamins that are soluble in water. Is one of the most efficient natural antioxidants and substance that’s important for process of creating protein. Protects cells and tissue against damages and slows down degeneration of organism. Boosts regeneration of cells. With the help of other antioxidants, it regulates oxidant stress of organism that causes creating free radicals. Its disadvantage is low tolerance of heat and oxygen. That’s why in the last years we have been using more stable forms of it in cosmetics such as Tocopheryl Acetate. Combined with vitamin A and C it slows down skins aging.   RHODODENDRON FERRUGINEUM LEAF CELL CULTURE EXTRACT Alpine roses are typical Swiss flowers that grow between 1500-3000 meters above the sea level. They are pressured to tolerate cold, UV light and drought in these extreme conditions. Effective Phyto substances extracted by gentle processes found in alpine rose are applicated by special technologies into the PhytoCellTecTMAlp Rose complex. This extract is rich in active antiradical substances. Improves vitality of skin stem cells. Protects barrier function which helps to accommodate the skin to climate stress. Has revitalizing effect on skin stimulation and fibroblasts.  Improves creation of skins own collagen. Lowers the loss of epidermal water and has obvious anti-aging effects.   UREA Urea is an amazing moisturizing component and is unique due to being natural to human body. It is a part of human sweat and natural moisturizing factor that hold in the moisture and prevents drying. Natural skin factor of hydration is characterized by urea complex, sodium salt of pyrrolidonecarboxylic acid, lactic acid, amino acids and monosaccharides. Urea is hypoallergenic and is suitable for long-term care of extremely dry skin. Creates osmotic pressure inside the cells and by that it manages the amount of water inside and around cell. Improves the transport of biologically active substances into the skin. Has slightly antiseptic and antimicrobial nature.    SODIUM HYALURONATE Sodium hyaluronate commonly found in tissues of alive organisms is main component of intercell mass. For its ability to attach water it plays the main role in protecting and stabilizing skin at its cell level. Is crucial for hydrating and regenerating skin, improves elasticity and rejuvenates the look of dry and matte skin.      PARFUM We used hypoallergenic aroma composition that is being used to improve costumer attractivity.

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Gel structure of the product changes during applying to an easy spreading oil which softens the skin.


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