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How do I know which cream is right for my skin?

It’s very simple. Typical of more oily skin is that shiny patches form on the face during the day, even under make-up, and the pores in the T-zone are enlarged. If you feel that your skin is dehydrated and acne-prone, we recommend Dr. Sandra’s moisturizer, which hydrates the skin and retains water in the cells. At the same time, this cream is suitable for scars and acne. Conversely, very dry skin already tightened after makeup removal or water washing needs nourishment. This is when we recommend Dr. Sandra’s nourishing cream.

If you feel that your skin is drier only in certain areas, we recommend Dr. Sandra’s semi-oily cream, which is designed for all skin types, in some cases it can be combined with a moisturizer.

If you are unsure of your choice, please contact our trained staff.


How to use Dr. Sandra creams properly?

First of all, it is important to remember that the creams are intended for adults. The creams are adapted for both day and night use. As well as being able to be combined with each other, they are also suitable for under make-up. Our clients typically use a moisturizer for day, a semi-oily moisturizer for day, and a nourishing cream for night, but that doesn’t mean you can’t use them differently or multiple times in a day. We recommend you try them individually. They can also be used as a face mask.

How to store Dr. Sandra creams properly?

Temperature variations of 15-25°C are allowed, but we recommend storing the creams at a stable temperature and in a dry environment. Contamination of the cream by fingers that are not well washed can be a problem. We therefore recommend that the creams are kept in the refrigerator after opening. Which is a minor disadvantage for the end consumer. The advantage is that we do not get any harmful substances into the body. The expiry date is two months.

Can an allergic patient use the creams?

We have not experienced any allergic reactions in our ten years of practice. We work with components that we have known for thirty years. However, we work with the human body, and that takes many forms. There is no substance in the world to which a person cannot have an allergy. Our creams are hypoallergenic, so the risk of allergy is very low, but still not zero.

How to use lotion?

All lotions are recommended to be used after makeup removal twice a day morning/evening. The lotions are not intended for eye makeup removal.

How to store lotions properly?

We recommend storing all our products equally in a dry, stable temperature and not exposing them to the sun. The expiry date is two months.

Can the creams be purchased in person?

All our products are available for sale at the reception of our Esthetic clinic in Bratislava (Esthetic, s.r.o., Partizánska 2, 811 01 Bratislava). For personal collection it is NOT necessary to order via e-shop.