REVITALIZING elixirRevitalizing cream for extremely dry skin 40g

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Elixir cream for mature or extremely dry skin, neck and chest. Dry skin needs special treatment in certain age stages and that is why we created a revitalizing cream. Suites dry and mature skin showing signs of aging. If your skin is flat, without elasticity this is the perfect match for you. Does not contain parabens.

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We recommend applying to clean skin twice a day. After opening store in temperature between 15 and 25 degrees. Keep away from direct sunlight, radiant heat and temperature fluctuation. Keep away from children. Does not contain parabens.


AQUA Water is the main dissolvent of hydrophilic cosmetic components. Has amazing cleaning effects which are improved by alcohol and cleaning surfactants. Water is the carrier of active components in the cosmetic product. Considering that regular drinking water contains significant number of salts, mostly calcic and in ferric isn’t it’s use in cosmetic products suitable. Water used for production of cosmetic products is specially modified and sanitary safe. Water used it mostly distilled or purified by reverse osmosis.   LANOLIN Lanolin is a wax ester of essentially fatty acids, mostly palmitic acid C16:0 and higher alcohols, mostly cholesterol. Thanks to free cholesterol, that is a leading component, lanolin has effects as a supportive emulgent. Can be found in raw sheep coat and is obtained by rewashing it with water. Lanolin attaches three times more water weight than is his own. Is similar to skins lipids by composition and is a great carrier of active substances. Is being used to adjust the consistency in lip balms, decorative cosmetics and emulsions.      PARAFFINUM LIQUIDUM Vaseline oil, a liquid paraffin, also called as mineral or paraffin oil is clear liquid and mixture of chained carbons. Paraffinic carbons of high purity without the addition of polycyclic aromatized carbons are being used in cosmetic and pharmaceutical procedures. Vaseline oil improves the lubricity of product. Makes applying the product easy and isn’t irritating. Has amazing oxidant stability, will never go bad, doesn’t turn yellow. Softens skin and is an emollient.    PARAFFINUM DURUM Hard paraffin is mixture of carbons. Is emollient and has occlusive effect. Creates lipophile base for the production of ointments, lotions and pastes. Is being used as internal hydrophobic substance improving viscosity. Also is being used in wraps for extremely dry skin or in treating burns. Provides waterproof coating for skin and hair that is used in protective cosmetic products.      PETROLATUM- WHITE VASELINE  Vaseline is formed by 50-80% of liquid and 20-50% of solid hydrocarbons. Only white Vaseline is used for cosmetical and pharmaceutical purposes, that went through the cleansing and whitening. Is chemically clean and will not go bad. Vaseline lowers the leaking of naturally stored water in skin called as TEWL (Trans-epidermal Water Loose). Prevents drying out the skin and cracking. Even has some UV protecting effect. Creates a protective shield on skin. Calms down irritated skin. Does good job at cleaning away any dirt and lipophile make-up. Is commonly used in protective, sports and barrier products but also in lip balms, skin and body lotions and decorative cosmetics.      CHOLESTEROL Cholesterol is zoic sterol. Is part of every zoic tissue, blood and bile. Cholesterol in a pure form is a yellow powder, that provides amazing effects for sin. Is crucial part of phospholipid membranes of cells and it strengthens them. 21% of cholesterol and its derivates can be found in intercell mass of skin. Cholesterol and its own esters are 2% of lipids that are produced by fat glands. Cholesterol is surface substance and with phospholipids it is natural emulgent for creating skins shield out of sweat and other fats. It is around 5% of lipid. This shield that has acidic pH protects the surface of skin. Provides health and beauty. Cholesterol plays important role in function of immunity cells.    CERESIN Ceresin is microcrystal wax. Saturated hydrocarbons C30.C60 create its base. It is stable. Does not go bad because of oxidation and doesn’t interact with other components. Is being used to adjust consistency.    CERA JAPONICA Japanese wax of floral nature and is similar to beeswax. Is stabilator in cosmetic products. Is water resistant. Doesn’t trigger allergies. Is well tolerated by skin and has moisturizing effects.    GLYCERYL MONOSTEARATE Glyceryl stearate is glycerol ester stearate acid. Is naturally found in our body as side product of braking fats and can also be found in various fatty groceries. Glyceryl stearate is most common emulgent for oils, waxes and solvents. Helps to disperse two no mixable phases and lowers tension between them. By its composition we identify it as non-ionic surfactant, that are not irritating and are being tolerated even by sensitive skin. It modifies viscosity and stabilizes emulsions.  Is well tolerated by other components of products and can be combined with every type of surfactant.   OLEA EUROPEA OIL- OLIVE OIL Olive oil is the most commonly used natural oil. Is being used in cosmetics and pharmacy for over two hundred years. Its base is oily acid C18:1 (65-85%, oxygenic stable, nonessential monounsaturated ω-9 saturated acid, that is crucial for reoiling and protecting skin), linoleic acid C18:2 (4-15%; double unsaturated ω-6 saturated acid, that cannot be produced by human organism on its own but is needed for various substance exchanges), it also has a small amount of palmitic acid C16:1 (around 2%; rare fatty acid, that creates 22% of lipids in skins shield. Synthesis in organism weakens by aging and that is one of the reasons why our skin dries out and loses shield protection. Unprocessed oil is giant source of vitamin E, beta-carotene and chlorophyl. Also contains small amount of squalene, which is often being extracted form it as pure Phyto squalene used in cosmetics.    CERA ALBA- BEESWAX Beeswax is ester of higher fatty acids C16.26 with higher monohydric alcohols C26-32. Is being used in cosmetics already for hundreds of years to reduce consistency of emulsions and decorative cosmetics. Is used as supportive emulgent (helps with solubility of no mixable water and fatty phases).    CETYL PALMITATE Cetyl Palmitate is a synthetic wax. It is solid white substance without flavour and aroma. Gives a white appearance and desirable consistency to creams, lotions and other products. Is also a decent emulgent.      THEOBROMA CACAO SEED BUTTER Theobroma cacao Seed Butter is bright yellow fat with pleasant aroma. Is significant by radical melting when faced body temperature. Is rich in its chemical composure. It consists of: 34,5% oily acid C18:1 (oxygenic stable, nonessential monounsaturated ω-9 saturated acid, that is crucial for reoiling and protecting skin), 3,2% linoleic acid C18:2 (double unsaturated ω -6 saturated acid, that cannot be produced by human organism on its own but is needed for various substance exchanges), 1% arachnid acid C20:4 (ω-9 saturated acid, has 4 unsaturated bonds. It is the most important acid for human body.) in its structure it contains palmitic acid C16:0 a stearate acid C18:0 that are used as source for creating emulgents and other cosmetic substances. Cacao butter has protective powers. Improves elasticity and prevents stretch marks. Is easily applied and keeps the skin moist and soft.    RETINOL- VITAMIN A Vitamin A is a lipophile vitamin that is soluble in fats, which improves the absorption into the skin better opposite to vitamins that are soluble in water. Source of vitamin A are groceries of zoic nature. It cannot be found in plats. Vitamin A is crucial for growth and regeneration of cell membrane, it causes growth and improves skin. Protects mucosa and salivary glands against damages and helps to destroy toxic substances. Is considered a number one in cosmetics. Also, such as vitamin E they are being called “the beauty vitamins”. Fastens up creating of new skin and hair cells. Regenerates production of wax that prevents acne and reduces keratinization of skin.  TOCOPHERYL ACETATE- VITAMIN E Vitamin E, like vitamin A, is a lipophile vitamin that is soluble in fats, which improves the absorption into the skin better opposite to vitamins that are soluble in water. Is one of the most efficient natural antioxidants and substance that’s important for process of creating protein. Protects cells and tissue against damages and slows down degeneration of organism. Boosts regeneration of cells. With the help of other antioxidants, it regulates oxidant stress of organism that causes creating free radicals. Its disadvantage is low tolerance of heat and oxygen. That’s why in the last years we have been using more stable forms of it in cosmetics such as Tocopheryl Acetate. Combined with vitamin A and C it slows down skins aging.

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Mature or extremely dry skin showing signs of aging. Suitable also for flat skin without elasticity.  


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