SEMI-GREASE CREAM with vitamin A, E, C and with hyaluronic acid 40g

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This cream is meant for combined skin, neck and chest. It is our universal cream usually ordered by indecisive clients who cannot pick more specific product due to thinking their skin is normal, neither dry or oily. This product is supposed to be used daily.

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We recommend applying to clean skin twice a day. After opening store in temperature between 15 and 25 degrees. Keep away from direct sunlight, radiant heat and temperature fluctuation. Keep away from children. Does not contain parabens.


Aqua  Water is the main dissolvent of hydrophilic cosmetic components. Has amazing cleaning effects which are improved by alcohol and cleaning surfactants. Water is the carrier of active components in the cosmetic product. Considering that regular drinking water contains significant number of salts, mostly calcic and in ferric isn’t it’s use in cosmetic products suitable. Water used for production of cosmetic products is specially modified and sanitary safe. Water used it mostly distilled or purified by reverse osmosis. Petrolatum – vazelína biela Vazelínu tvorí zmes 50–80 % tekutých a 20–50 % tuhých parafinických uhľovodíkov. Pre kozmetické a farmaceutické účely sa používa výhradne biela vazelína, ktorá prešla procesom čistenia a bielenia. Je chemicky stála, nekazí sa. Vazelína znižuje únik prirodzenej pokožkovej vody – tzv. TEWL (angl. Transepidermal Water Loose). Zabraňuje tak vysušovaniu a popraskaniu pokožky. Má aj malý ochranný efekt proti UV lúčom. Na pokožke má krycí a ochranný účinok. Upokojuje podráždenú pokožku. Dobre odstraňuje mastné nečistoty a lipofilné líčidlá. Je častou zložkou ochranných, športových, barierových prípravkov, ale aj balzamov na pery, pleťových a telových emulzií a dekoratívnej kozmetiky. PETROLATUM- WHITE VASELINE Vaseline is formed by 50-80% of liquid and 20-50% of solid hydrocarbons. Only white Vaseline is used for cosmetical and pharmaceutical purposes, that went through the cleansing and whitening. Is chemically clean and will not go bad. Vaseline lowers the leaking of naturally stored water in skin called as TEWL (Trans-epidermal Water Loose). Prevents drying out the skin and cracking. Even has some UV protecting effect. Creates a protective shield on skin. Calms down irritated skin. Does good job at cleaning away any dirt and lipophile make-up. Is commonly used in protective, sports and barrier products but also in lip balms, skin and body lotions and decorative cosmetics. Cetyl Alcohol Cetyl Alcohol is a C16 fatty acid, substance with a wax-like consistency. Is obtained from the coconut and is natural component of fats inside the skin which makes it natural for human skin. Improves the consistency of product. Is most used emulgent in cosmetic. Lowers tension between the surface and on the edges of two not mixable liquids, fats and water phase we call emulgents. Is hypoallergenic and is also great for sensitive skin. Helps other components to be absorbed into the deeper layers of skin. Is often combined with Vaseline oil for strengthening bonds with water.  PROPYLEN GLYCOL Propylene glycol is a bilayer hydrophilic alcohol which binds water in hydroxyl groups and prevents drying of the product. Besides it lowers the frost point of water in products. By adding propylene glycol, the frost point is below 0 degrees and that is beneficial use in sports cosmetics or using products in winter season. Is also being used as emollient and improves the solubility of ingredients. Lanolin Lanolin is a wax ester of essentially fatty acids, mostly palmitic acid C16:0 and higher alcohols, mostly cholesterol. Thanks to free cholesterol, that is a leading component, lanolin has effects as a supportive emulgent. Can be found in raw sheep coat and is obtained by rewashing it with water. Lanolin attaches three times more water weight than is his own. Is similar to skins lipids by composition and is a great carrier of active substances. Is being used to adjust the consistency in lip balms, decorative cosmetics and emulsions.   PHENOXYETANOL- 2-FENOXYETANOL 2-Phenoxyetanol is a conservator. In cosmetic products it prevents the development of microorganisms.  ETHYLHEXYLGYCERIN Ethylhexylgycerin is derivate of glycerine. Is mostly being used as conservating substance. Lowers tension on the surface of microorganism cells and by that it vanishes.  ASCORBIC ACID- VITAMIN C Vitamin C is crucial for human body and provides many functions. Humans cannot produce it so it has to be given to body in food. Boosts the immune system. Protects from stress. Is crucial for creating blood cells. Reduces cholesterol. Improves the regeneration of gums. Has anticancer effects. Fastens up the healing of wounds. Strengthens the effects of vitamin E and this combination it destroys the effects that free radicals create in our skin. Boosts creation of collagen and elastin, hydration and elasticity of skin and reduces wrinkles. TOCOPHERYL ACETATE- VITAMIN E Vitamin E, like vitamin A, is a lipophile vitamin that is soluble in fats, which improves the absorption into the skin better opposite to vitamins that are soluble in water. Is one of the most efficient natural antioxidants and substance that’s important for process of creating protein. Protects cells and tissue against damages and slows down degeneration of organism. Boosts regeneration of cells. With the help of other antioxidants, it regulates oxidant stress of organism that causes creating free radicals. Its disadvantage is low tolerance of heat and oxygen. That’s why in the last years we have been using more stable forms of it in cosmetics such as Tocopheryl Acetate. Combined with vitamin A and C it slows down skins aging. RETINOL- VITAMIN A Vitamin A is a lipophile vitamin that is soluble in fats, which improves the absorption into the skin better opposite to vitamins that are soluble in water. Source of vitamin A are groceries of zoic nature. It cannot be found in plats. Vitamin A is crucial for growth and regeneration of cell membrane, it causes growth and improves skin. Protects mucosa and salivary glands against damages and helps to destroy toxic substances. Is considered a number one in cosmetics. Also, such as vitamin E they are being called “the beauty vitamins”. Fastens up creating of new skin and hair cells. Regenerates production of wax that prevents acne and reduces keratinization of skin. HYALURONIC ACID Hyaluronic acid is important part of skin. Viewed chemically it is a polymer molecule of glycosaminoglycan (GAG) so it is a substance consisting of repetitive chain of simple sugars, glycan acid and N-acetylglucosamine. Acts like a sponge thanks to its polymer nett that is capable of attaching thirteen times more water weight than it weights itself and creates jelly-like mass. Provides hydration, tension and softens the skin. Acts like a inner membrane that prevents bacteria coming through. Aging slows down creation of hyaluronic acid. That means it lowers jelly-like mass in our skin and viruses, bacteria and other not welcomed substances can enter. The connection with water in our skin degrades which causes breaking of skin and creation of wrinkles. Technical documentation from suppliers of cosmetic substances: Hojerová, J., Škultétyová, K.. 2007. Materiály. Bratislava: SPN, 2007. ISBN 978-80-10-01261-9

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Combined and normal skin.


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