ACIDIC TONIC WATER With alcohol 100ml


Acidic tonic water with 20% of alcohol for normal or problematic pro-acne skin. Renews natural acidic layer of skin and protects from bacteria and viruses. Prevents clogged pores. Is great for treating acne. Regular use is crucial for effective treatment. 

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Apply toner twice a day to purify the skin. Recommend using afterward removing make-up or after being sweated for example due to exercising. After opening store in temperature between 15 and 25 degrees. Keep away from direct sunlight, radiant heat and temperature fluctuation. Do not use to remove eye make-up. In case of entering eyes or mucosa rinse with water. Keep away from children.


AQUA Water is the main dissolvent of hydrophilic cosmetic components. Has amazing cleaning effects which are improved by alcohol and cleaning surfactants. Water is the carrier of active components in the cosmetic product. Considering that regular drinking water contains significant number of salts, mostly calcic and in ferric isn’t it’s use in cosmetic products suitable. Water used for production of cosmetic products is specially modified and sanitary safe. Water used it mostly distilled or purified by reverse osmosis.   ALCOHOL Alcohol is monohydric alcohol with intensive aroma and its chemical essence ethyl alcohol (ethanol). It is selective dissolvent and it dissolves essences, resins, most of organic acids, some sugars. It has better purifying abilities than water. When it evaporates it refreshes the skin. Is astringent substance (shrinks both types of pores). Does not initiate or at least slows down some undesired chemical reactions.    CITRIC ACID Citric acid is organic carboxyl acid in hydroxyl group at second (alpha) carbon. Also as glycol, vinegar, lectic acid we recognize it as alpha-hydro acid (AHA acid). It boosts falling of dead skin cells and that improves regeneration of cells. Makes the skin look and feel fresh and softened. Releases clogged pores and eases and calms down acne. Bleach out unwanted pigment spots on skin and improve the blood flow.   POTASSIUM ALUM Potassium Alum is alum mineral. Can be found in the wild in rocks, weathered places, oxidated sulfidic and potassium minerals. Has astringents effects (shrinks pores). Does shrink pores that produce sweat but does not clog them. Inhibits growth of bacteria responsible for body odour. Is used in after shaving products and to stop bleeding out of small cuts. 

Skin type

Normal, problematic acne-prone skin.


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