SHAMPOO with a 6% lappa root extract 200ml

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Shampoo from the collection by Dr. Sandra with a 6% lappa root extract, panthenol and menthol is created especially to effectively clean the scalp and thoroughly clean hair. This product calms and improves hair and scalp condition. Creates volume, elasticity and shine. It is the perfect solution if you have oily roots with dry ends. After using you will experience the purity of scalp.

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Apply small amount of shampoo to wet hair, massage, create foam and clean properly. If needed repeat again. For daily use. Dermatologically tested. Store in temperature between 15 and 25 degrees. Keep away from direct sunlight, radiant heat and temperature fluctuation.


Shampoo suits all hair types. 


AQUA Water is the main dissolvent of hydrophilic cosmetic components. Has amazing cleaning effects which are improved by alcohol and cleaning surfactants. Water is the carrier of active components in the cosmetic product. Considering that regular drinking water contains significant number of salts, mostly calcic and in ferric isn’t it’s use in cosmetic products suitable. Water used for production of cosmetic products is specially modified and sanitary safe. Water used it mostly distilled or purified by reverse osmosis.   SODIUM LAURETH SULFATE Sodium Laureth Sulfate is surface activated, purifying substance and foam. As cleaning substance, it lowers surface tension between dirt of various consistency and liquid. It surrounds dirt and pills out of the surface it cleans (hair or skin) and swipes away into the cleaning product. As foaming substance, it lowers the tension between liquid and air. It captures big amount pf small bubbles of air in small amount of liquid. Removes grease from hair and scalp. Sodium Laureth Sulfate is created from Sodium Lauryl when by chemical reaction 1-4 moles of ethylene-oxide are added to the molecule. Cosmetics uses it for shampoos, bathing foams, shaving creams and creams used to depilate.     COCAMIDOPROPYL BETAINE Cocamidopropyl Betaine is amphoteric surfactant. It is surface activated substance from coconut oil. Is used in natural cosmetics and is considered suitable for every skin type. Most commonly used for shampoos and conditioners due to lowering static electricity of hair. Encourages creating of foam and cleaning effect of anion surfactants on skin and hair, lowers irritation and has low irritation level on its own. Is gentle to skin and does not dry the skin out.     COCAMIDE DEA Cocamide DEA is surface activated substance from coconut oil. It helps other substances to dissolve in dissolvement that they would not normally dissolve. Is also emulgent, helps to create emulsions by lowering surface tension. Also stabilizes foam and improves foaming ability of cosmetic product. Thickens the product and stabilizes it.    PROPYLEN GLYCOL Propylene glycol is a bilayer hydrophilic alcohol which binds water in hydroxyl groups and prevents drying of the product. Besides it lowers the frost point of water in products. By adding propylene glycol, the frost point is below 0 degrees and that is beneficial use in sports cosmetics or using products in winter season. Is also being used as emollient and improves the solubility of ingredients.   ARCTIUM LAPPA ROOT Arctium Lappa Root is a two-year plant. Contains many nourishing substances and thanks to that we can talk about it as of a healing plant. Consists of proteins, inulin, polysaccharides, slices, glycoside arcsine, resin, palmitic and stearic acid, fats, sulphates, potassium and magnesium. Used in cosmetics to help with falling out of hair and to improve it growth. Is great as preventive treatment for dandruffs. Helps with overproduction of sebum and cleans the skin.    GLYCERIN Glycerin is hydrophile alcohol, that has tribasic alcohol (1,2,3-prophantriol) as base. Has three hydroxyl groups in its structure, thanks to them it can attach water pretty easily. Has moisturizing effects and improves solubility of many cosmetic substances and that helps with absorption into skin. Softens skin, moisturizes and in low concentration it helps to keeps skins hydration.     PANTHENOL- D-PANTHENOL Panthenol is provitamin of vitamin B5. Is more suitable for cosmetical purposes than B5 (pantothenic acid). Skin absorbs it better the pantothenic acid that is later on created in skin with the help of oxidase. Only one isomer is effective and that is D-form (D-panthenol). Cosmetic products containing D-panthenol can ease many problems that are caused due to lack of pantothenic acid in skin. Fasten up the regeneration of skin layer, creating epithelium when the tissue has been damaged. Has nourishing effect on skin. Is even great for dry and damaged hair.      DIAZOLIDINYL UREA Imidazolodonyl Urea is conservating substance with great effect on bacteria.    SODIUM BENZOATE Sodium Benzoate is conservator, sodium salt of benzoic acid with wide antimicrobial effects in pH 2-6.  Is slightly antimycotic, prevents fungus, mould and yeast.    POTASSIUM SORBATE Potassium sorbate is conservator, potassium salt of sorbic acid. Prevents growth of microorganisms, mostly yeasts and funguses.    MENTHOL Menthol is chemically terpenoid alcohol. It is the most important part of spearmint. Has pleasant aroma and also is cooling, refreshing and calming especially on irritated skin and lowers itching. If highly concentrated can leave the skin feeling heated and that is why it is being used in heating and stimulating cosmetic products.    POLYSORBATE 60 Are surface activated substances that help to dissolve other substances is solvents in whom they would be able to dissolve on its own. They are also emulgents, meaning they help to create emulsions by lowering the surface tension of substances. Polysorbate 60 was created by the reaction of sorbitol with ethylene oxide and fatty acids that were extracted from vegetable fats and oils. Is not irritating and not comedogenic (does not clog pores). Polysorbate 80 is created from sorbitol and oleic acid. Has calming effects on human skin. Has slightly astringent abilities.   HYDROLIZED KERATIN Keratin is part of our body. Does not dissolve in water and is elastic protein containing sulphur. Its three different forms form the surface of skin, hair and nails. The surface of skin is created by so called skin keratin. Besides that, there is mildly solid hair keratin and solid nail keratin. Its role is to protect inner layers of hair or nail. The solubility of each keratin depends on the amount of each amino acids (mostly cysteine). To strengthen the structure and to fill in the damaged surface parts of hair is hydrolysed keratin added in modern cometic products. It is created hydrolysing sheep coat. It is used for intensive regeneration of damaged hair and to smooth out damaged hair structure. Has softening effects and is also astringent substance and substance used to improve condition of skin and hair.    PARFUM We used hypoallergenic aroma composition that is being used to improve costumer attractivity.    LINALOOL Lanool is aromatic substance that can be found in perfume for costumers sensitive to scents and can cause contact allergic reaction. Because of legislative reasons it has to be listed in ingredients.


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