BEAUTY HAS NO AGE 2 Book by Dr. Sandra


Book for anyone who is curious about beauty.

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New 215-page piece full of modern methods used in esthetical dermatology and in laser medicine. This book is edited of the knowledge which the author gained by attending different congresses all over the world. Other professional from the medical field besides Alexandra Novotná helped to create this publication. Similarly, as in the previous doctors book the readers can be excited for lots of amazing human life stories that doctor learned first-hand by working. The book uncovers lots of interesting facts about the plastic surgery for readers. Let us remind the importance of principles that has to be followed when performing breast surgeries. In this edition you can learn who is the ideal candidate for breast augmentation and how to pick breast implant size. The author does not forget to mention the risks that come with adjusting hanging face skin or similar procedures linked with hair transplantation.


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